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Virtual networking,
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Host online networking events with Conversation Starter.

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Companies using Conversation Starter: EY, ING, Google, KBC, UHasselt, Deloitte Companies using Conversation Starter: EY, ING, Google, KBC, UHasselt, Deloitte

How it works

💭 In the days before the event, people create profiles with topics they would like to talk about.

👋 People invite each other for a video call during the online event.

👁 During the online event, 12 minute video calls take place right inside Conversation Starter - nothing to install.

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Used by all kinds of organisations

📦 Buyer-seller platforms 🤝 Professional networks 🧠 Research networks 💯 Business communities 💰 Investor matchmaking 🎓 Job fairs 💼 Alumni communities 🌍 Multinationals

Recently participated in an online networking event that runs on @converstart. Impressed by smooth experience. talked with some great people, this is some very interesting technology.

11:25 AM - Apr 7, 2020

Had an awesome time connecting with new & reconnecting with old business friends on @converstart 's online networking event last Saturday! Super refreshing in these times, and a great way to talk to 6 people in 1 hour. Highly recommend! #ConversationStarter #OnlineNetworking

11:26 AM - Apr 7, 2020


Pricing starts at €700$800 and depends on the following parameters:

✔  Number of participants

✔  Required level of customisation

✔  Required amount of coaching

Not-for-profit organisations always benefit from a reduced price.

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In which languages is Conversation Starter available?

Conversation Starter is available in English, French and Dutch. Other languages can be added on request, please get in touch with us at to discuss the possibilities.


Is there a nonprofit discount available?

Yes! We believe in the power of connecting people to change the world. Please get in touch with us at to discuss the possibilities.


What is the typical timing of an online networking event?

Typically, an online networking event is announced one week before it takes place. This gives your community the time to create profiles and to invite each other for meetings.
The online networking event itself typically lasts between one and three hours.
Feel free to get in touch with us at to discuss your case.


Is there a possibility to highlight sponsors?

Absolutely! There are several spots inside the web application where sponsors can be highlighted.


Should a participant install any software?

No! Conversation Starter video calls work right inside the web browser.


Which web browser do you recommend?

Conversation Starter works best in Google Chrome.